Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Owen's sweet tooth

It has been a long time coming, but let's see if I can finish this. It was inspired by the recent (when I took the pictures 8 months ago) troubles we had with tooth ache!

It was another beautiful Spring morning in Sugarbush Valley and The Square was already bustling with activity. The vendors was ready for the day ahead, hoping for lots of patrons. 

Owen Bearbury was excited too, sweets were his life and he just received his pocket money, so he was ready for some treats, but where to start first.

Definitely Mr Darwin's sweets cart for some chocolate, cookies and lollipops. "Good morning, Owen, what will it be today?" Mr Darwin greeted friendly. Owen quickly placed his order and ignored the raised eyebrow form Mr Darwin, and was off before the warnings of tummy ache and over indulging.

Owen quickly unwrapped a big lollipop, already salivating. "Hey Owen, that lollipop looks delicious!" It was young Glynn Simpkins, but Owen wasn't in the mood for talking and just smiled and quickly walked on. 

He could feel the twins eyes on him, but he didn't mind, all that he could think about was the sweets in his pockets and that he will be enjoying it soon.

Owen returned to The Square soon, after thoroughly enjoying all his stash from the sweets cart, it was time for something savory, just to balance out all the sweetness. "Hey Owen, how can I help?" Mrs Darwin asked, oblivious to the amount of money Owen already spent that morning at her husband's cart.

Owen ordered a small packed of popcorn that he devoured there and then and also bought a chocolate covered pretzel.  As he was about to take a bite he was once more interupted, "Hey Owen, that sure looks delicious, what is it?" Sadie Teak enquired. "Go ask Mrs Darwin." Owen replied, a bit more sharply than he intended. He was already dreaming of a soft serve ice cream, form the Brightfields. 

And that is exactly what he did. "Good morning Mrs Brightfield, may I please have a chocolate ice cream with extra chocolate sauce?"Owen ordered. "I am sorry Owen, but I can't serve you any ice cream today?" Owen looked confused, "Oh that is a shame, is the machine broken?" "Not really," Mrs Brightfield replied, "but I've been watching you all morning and I really think you've had enough sweets and treats for one day." Owen couldn't believe his ears, and slumped away, very depressed.

But as he passed the ice cream cart of Mrs Meadows, he decided that he will just get his ice cream from her. He did prefer soft serve over the home made ice cream of the Buttercups, but beggars can't be choosers he thought. But to his astonishment, she also refused to sell him anything, giving the same reason as Mrs Brightfield.

Owen craved something sweet! And he had to have it NOW. "Well them I will just ask Mr Darwin again." he thought. "Sorry Owen, I think you've had enough!" came the reply from Mr Darwin. Owen was so mad, but luckily for him, before he could say something rude, he heard the soft voice of Mrs Darwin.

"Owen, Honey, we are really just looking out for you. Too much sweets can cause terrible tooth and tummy ache, so please understand that we only want to help you and avoid that!" Owen threw his hands in the air, "that is not fair, I have money, I'm a paying customer, you MUST help me!" he almost screamed. But he realised that it was a lost cause and shyly walked away.

He decided to visit his friend, Bud Timbertop. The Timbertops recently acquired a Barge and are now permanently living on a boat. Owen thought it was a cool place to call home and he loved visiting Bud there. "Hey Buddy!" Owen greeted.

Bud was relieved to see Owen, he had to mop the deck and roof of their new home, but was already exhausted, so welcomed the break. "What's up, Owen!" Bud greeted friendly.

"Nothing much, although I have a funny story to tell you." Owen relayed his whole encounter to Bud, while chewing on some candy he found in his pocket. 

Bud listened carefully to his friend's retelling, and then carefully with a hope of not offending him nodded his head, "I think the adults were right to reprimand you Owen, you do eat a lot of sweets. Rather save up your pocket money for a new bicycle." 

Owen couldn't believe his ears, "Oh not you too! I thought you would understand, and take my side, I thought you were my best friend!" Owen shouted and quickly left.

Angrily Owen made his way home, mainly because he had nowhere else to go. He felt very alone. But then it started... the worst tooth ache ever! The pain was incredible, unlike anything he had ever experienced before.

He crouched under a bush near their cottage, hoping that the pain will pass, but it only got worse. "Owen, Owen, what is wrong, stop screaming and tell me what happened?" It was Mrs Bearbury, rushing over to her boy's side. Owen realised that he must have screamed out loud because of the pain. He wanted to kick himself for being such a "nancy" who couldn't handle pain but this was really unbearable.

Crying he told his mother about the tooth ache. There and then she decided that Owen had to see the dentist. Owen was in too much pain to argue with his mother. Though half way into town the reality of visiting the dentist caught up with him, and he tried to convince his mother that the pain has subsided.

But she would hear nothing of it and just walked on. They soon reached the clinic of Dr Buttermilk. Mrs Bearbury told the dentists' assistant Mrs Buttermilk about their problem and she guided Owen to the dentist chair.

Dr Buttermilk quickly examined Owen's teeth and found two holes in. He meticulously filled them, without causing too much extra pain.

While Mrs Buttermilk helped Owen to rinse his mouth, the Dr had a serious talk with Mrs Bearbury, confirming that he found a lot of candy residue on Owen's teeth and that he must start brushing his teeth properly. 

He also told Owen in a strict voice that he must start taking better care of his own teeth otherwise he will have none left by the time he reaches adulthood. "Not only to you need to start brushing and flossing your teeth, but you have to cut down on eating sweets, otherwise you will get diabetes as well!"

Owen felt shy, about his behaviour. Not only did he cost his mom alot of money because of his stupid behaviour, he also made her look like a bad mother infront of Dr Buttermilk. "Mommy, I am so sorry for being such a stupid and silly boy. I will try my best to cut down on the sweets and rather save my pocket money for a new bicycle." Though still a bit angry, Mrs Bearbury were proud of Owen for apoligising and acknowledging his mistakes. "Its alright Owen, I am just glad the dentist could help us."


  1. So excited to see a new story from you after a while! But it's worth the wait! So lovely and funny, I totally enjoyed it!

    1. Thank you Sylvanako. I wish I had more time to do it.

  2. Eaton! I couldn´t believe my eyes when I saw a new story in your blog! That´s great! I really enjoyed it!

  3. I was very excited to see you had posted a new story on your blog! Such a lovely story, thank you!

    1. Thank you for the kind comment. Nice to hear that you enjoyed it.

  4. Great story and you did a really good job with the background scenes and setting. It looked so realistic! ~ Ellie

  5. Nice work Eaton! We haven't forgotten you even though your blog has been quiet for a while :) Lovely story of tooth ache with few lessons learnt. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and happy New Year!

    1. To you too Suvi and thank you for still reading my blog, even though Im so inactive, as of late.

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  7. Lovely story! I hope you will write another one soon.