Friday, 17 June 2016

The Teak's day in Sugarbush Valley

Finally a new story from Sugarbush Valley. Damara has really exhausted me, so much so that I had no creativity left to do a new story. So please be patient with me as I am sure this is not my best still, but I missed my collection and wanted to play a bit. Happy reading!

It was another glorious day in Sugarbush Valley. The square was bustling with activity. "I would like a heart lollipop, please?" Charlotte Brighteyes told Shirley Darwin. "Me too, me too!" her little sister Olivia squealed. "You must say 'please first." Charlotte corrected her.

Cecilia Teak and her daughter Bonnie was also enjoying, the marvelous weather in the little park, just off the square. Like most other days Cecilia felt miserable, but Bonnie's giggles helped to lighten her mood. "Oh I hope, I will one day feel better again." She said to herself.

Bobby Roberts, who happen to be nearby, overheard Cecilia and went up to her, "Good morning Mrs Teak, pardon me but are you alright? I wasn't eavesdropping, but couldn't help overhearing what you just say?" Cecilia fought hard against the tears, "Thank you for the interest, but yes I am ok, it has been six months now, some days are just harder then others." 

Bobby knew about the death of her son, so with a consoling word, he left her, understanding that she wanted to be alone. But Cecilia soon realised that if you wanted to be left alone, the square was not the right place.

Ellema Brightfield also came over for a quick chat. "Good morning, Cecilia!" She greeted friendly. Cecilia sighed and got up, "hello Ellema." Cecilia like Ellema, but this morning she wasn't in the mood to chat.

Worst of all is that Shirley Darwin also joined them. Luckily by now, both ladies knew about Cecilia's heartache and sort of ignored the topic. The three chatted about daily life in the village, and how Cecilia was adjusting to living in Sugarbush Valley.

After a good chat, Cecilia had to excuse herself. She had to meet Arthur and their daughter, Sadie at the Decker's Restaurant. While making her way to the restaurant, she felt blessed to have met these two friends, and maybe just maybe she must just let them 'in'.

As they arrive at the restaurant, Bonnie screamed, "Mommy look there is Sadie!" Cecilia looked up and saw her beautiful daughter on the small boardwalk. "Hello Mommy!" Sadie waved.

Kaitlin Decker greeted them at the door and ushered them inside. "Excuse the triplets, Penny Farthing has to babysit them today, but something occupied her. She will soon be here, but they shouldn't bother you." Kaitlin apologised

Little Bonnie immediately joined her sister outside, while Kaitlin took their order. "This surely is a wonderful spot for a restaurant." Cecilia remarked.

Cecilia turned to her husband, "So how did Sadie's enrollment at the school go?" Arthur smiled, "It was effortless. Everyone is so helpful, I met the headmaster Mr Huckleberry as well as Sadie's teacher Mr Chiffon. Two very eccentric men, but wonderful." That is good, Cecilia smiled back at her husband. 

Kaitlin and Brooklyn soon arrived with their food. Lobster for Arthur, seafood salad for Cecilia and seafood pizza for the girls. "It looks and smell delicious, thank you!" Arthur commented.

Just then Penny Farthing arrived. "I'm so sorry for the delay, Kaitlin. But Rally had a terrible cough this morning and I had to take him to Dr Fisher this morning, but he is ok now. Harley will be looking after him, so that I can take care of the triplets. Is that ok?" Penny rambled. "Yes sure, no problem Penny. They should be no trouble. We will pick them up after work." Kaitlin informed Penny.

Kaitlin greeted her babies, and Penny and the triplet were off.

"So Sadie, did you meet any possible friends today?" Cecilia inquired. "I met a few nice girls, one in particular was Alyssa, but I don't know if she will want to be my friend." Sadie replied. "Of course she will, Honey. You are a great friend, and she will be missing out if she doesn't want to be your friend." Cecilia assured her daughter.  

After a delicious lunch, the Teaks paid their bill, thanked the Deckers for the wonderful meal and made their way to the Commune where they had to meet Kenneth Furbanks.

They walked back into the village, enjoying the wonderful scenery. 

Firstly they bumped into Kelly Basset, the bus driver, accompanied by a stranger. "Good afternoon, Kelly, good to see you again so soon." Arthur greeted friendly. Just the previous week Kelly accompanied them into the village. "Yes, I'm just taking Ms Bramble here, into the village." 

After a few more meters they also met Basil Hazelwood and his daughter Evie. "Please to meet you Mr Teak, and your family." Basil replied. Sadie was glad to meet another possible friend, but Bonnie decided to keep a safe distance behind her mother.

They arrived at the agreed time at the Commune, and found Kenneth Furbanks, waiting for them in the kitchen. They greeted each other friendly. "I'm so glad I could finally get you a room in the Commune, as we discussed it is only temporary, until your house has been built."

While her parents talk to the strange man, Sadie noticed another cat girl approaching her.

"Hey, my name is Shelly Keats, will you now also live in the Commune?" Sadie smiled, I like her she thought. "I guess so, this my sister Bonnie, and I am Sadie." Sadie replied. "Do you wanna go play?" Shelly asked? "Sure, but maybe later, I just want to go with my parents to our room." Shelly said goodbye and left, telling Sadie to come look for her when she is done.

The Teaks and Kenneth made their way to their room. In the room they met the Timbertops, who was just packing up the last of their personal belongings. Introductions where made.

While Arthur and Kenneth discussed the last details of the accommodation, Cecilia acquainted herself with the Timbertops. They had a lengthy discussion about their new home, a boat. Cecilia was intrigued and the Timbertops invited the Teaks to visit them soon.

Finally they were alone in their new room. "It is quite small." Arthur remarked. "It is, but it doesn't matter, as long as we are together we have everything." Cecilia assured her husband.

Arthur noticed that Sadie was deep in thought and he approached her, "Are you ok, Honey?" he asked. "Yes I am, but it is a good thing Nolly is not with us anymore, here is no place for him." his daughter remarked.

To be continued ...


  1. How heartbreaking. Will we ever know how they lost their son/brother? If any place can make them feel better it's SV with it's lovely caring residents. Look forward to part two:)

    1. Im not sure if there will be a part two...more a journey of healing.

  2. I knew you wouldn't stay away from your sylvanians for very long! Thank you for another great story! The Teaks are very cute and I like the square and restaurant photos! I am curious about their son too!

    1. Thx for the kind comment. They are cute, but Im really dissapointed that their fur is so prickly.

  3. Oh my, what an ending! I feel so sorry for the Teaks that they lost their son... But that is what makes your stories so realistic! I hope they will feel better soon!

    1. Thank you, I will try to take them on a healing journey.

  4. A lovely story. I think it's great how you use your Sylvanians to portray real life happenings.

    1. Thank you, I am wondering if this one was maybe too real?

  5. How terrible to lose your son! I hope that the teaks cheer up soon! (The pictures are lovely by the way)

  6. Poor Cecilia! The lost of a son is the worst experience one can go through and she will need her time to grieve.
    I´m sure The Teaks will feel better little by little thanks to the kindness of SV villagers.
    Oh Eaton, Sadie´s last comment nearly made me cry... It´s such a sad remark... but it´s like real life. I just hope to see them happier in a near future. They deserve it.

    1. I hope they will find the necessary comfort and grieving time in SV too.

  7. It sounds a true-to-life story. I'm looking forward to reading the next part.

  8. Aww this was so sad. I really feel for Cecilia and her family. I hope they are able to grieve their loss and be comforted by the other Sylvanians.

    1. Sorry for upsetting you, but they will be fine!