Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Damara's visit: day 2

Damara woke startled and jumped out of bed... "Where am I? How did I get here? What time is it?" Then it all came rushing back, she arrived in Sugarbush Valley the previous day, had a lovely time with the Bearbury family. And fell into bed the previous night exhausted.

Damara decided that it is time to get cleaned up and ventured into the bathroom. She was relieved that it was just next door to her room and she didn't had to face any stranger so early and in her disheveled state.

Damara fully enjoyed that bath, and while relaxing, wondered what the day will offer.

She picked out her favorite pink dress. She knew she look good in it and it was comfortable.

Still combing her fur, there came a soft knock on the door. "Come in!" Damara answered. It was Mona with some lovely smelling coffee and breakfast. "Hope I'm not interrupting? I thought that I surprise you with breakfast, as you might not be ready to face everyone in the kitchen yet." Damara thanked Mona, and was indeed relieved that she can enjoy her breakfast in peace.

"When you've finished, come look for me. I have a errand or two to run, and maybe you can accompany me." Mona suggested. "Yes, I will. Thank you." Damara replied. "I also want to look for a laundromat, I need to get my dress cleaned." 

Mona offered to take the dress and put it in her shopping bag, just in case Damara didn't feel like going out.

Damara thoroughly enjoyed her breakfast. Relishing the quietness, before she had to seize the day.

After brushing her teeth, she gathered the dirty dishes, took a deep breath and was ready to meet the residents of Sugarbush Valley. 

Upon entering the kitchen Damara noticed a dog family having breakfast, and the ever present Mona washing dishes. She stifled a giggle, as the dad was trying to convince his son to eat a banana, by telling him about its health benefits..

"Good morning, everyone." Damara said shyly. "Aaah Damara, I'm so glad you came down afterall. Let me introduce you to the Farthing family." Mona said.

"This is Penny, Harley and their children Wren and Rally." Mona introduced. "Please to meet you, Damara." Penny said with a smile. "We are very happy to meet the 'Travelling Sylvanian' and of course to welcome you to the best village in all of Sylvania, Sugarbush Valley." Harley greeted.

After introductions were made Damara and Mona set off into town.

As they were walking, Mona prepared Damara for their first stop, "I have to order some linen at Nelson Puddleford's shop. He might seem a bit strange, and aloof, but don't mind him. That is just how he is, so it is nothing personal, and behind that mask, is actually a very gentle soul." Mona explained. 

On the edge of town they arrived at a small cottage. The cottage looked cosy and a place that Damara would love to live in, but she wondered about the shop. How could one have a successful business so far from the town centre.

"Good morning, Nelson." Mona greeted extra friendly. "Thanks for the appointment. I brought Damara with me, the 'Travelling Sylvanian'." Mona introduced. "I've heard she will visiting my village to, greetings Damara. Enjoy it." Nelson replied. Damara felt quite uncomfortable, but then remembered Mona's warning, and tried her hardest to relax.

On entering the shop, Damara gasped, maybe a bit too loudly. It was the tiniest shop, she has seen in all of her life. 

Damara pushed past Mona, being extra careful not to knock anything over, and went out into the back garden. In the garden she noticed a mother duck with three ducklings. "So tell me Tom, what is one plus one?" the mother asked. "Two!" shouted the little duck. The whole scene was so cute that Damara instinctively took a photo.

"What are you doing?" it was Nelson. "I took a photo of your lovely wife and those adorable children." Damara answered reluctantly. "Sorry I should've asked, I just couldn't help myself." Nelson smiled and Damara gave a sigh of relief. She was sure he would scold her.

While talking to Nelson, the mother and the ducklings approached them too. Nelson introduced his wife, Beth and the children Tom, Maisie and Sammy. Damara instantly liked Beth. Beth explained that she is exploring the idea of home schooling as both she and Nelson, prefers that. 

After looking at all the samples and placing her order with Nelson, Mona indicated that it was time to leave. "Damara you are a saint. I have never in my life seen Nelson warmed to anybody like that so quickly, and I must thank you too, because for the first time, I could look around at my own time. With Nelson usually breathing down one's neck it is difficult to make an informed decision."

Following Mona they made their way into the village. They squeezed through a narrow alley, which opened up in what should be a busy street, but which was dead quiet.

"So this is our main street, with most of the businesses and shops situated on it. I just can't understand why it is so quiet." Mona explained. Damara noticed the Laundromat behind them, and she and Mona made their way there.

"Good morning, Pansy. Strange to see you here, where is Mae? Mona greeted a sullen looking Raccoon. "She is at the business managers meeting." the Raccoon replied. "Oh of course, how could I forget. I was just wondering why it is is quiet here, but everyone must be there." Mona responded.

"Yes, I'm very glad I could miss it, but Durwood attended. And who are you?" Pansy asked looking at Damara. Oh my, 'how rude', Damara thought. "Oh, goodness sorry." Mona cried "Pansy this is Damara, the 'Travelling Sylvanian', Damara meet Pansy." Damara smiled "Please to meet you Pansy." The Raccoon just gave a shy smile and nodded at Damara. 

After delivering Damara's dress, Mona suggested that they walk down the street. The next shop was a quaint little florist.

"Good morning, Suzette." Mona greeted a friendly looking cat lady. 'Finally, a friendly face,' Damara thought. "I guess you are standing in for Katrina?" Mona asked. "Yes, I am. I probably had to attend the meeting too, but Marion promised that she will represent us both. And you must be Damara. Welcome to our wonderful village." Suzette replied.

"Yes, I am. Nice to meet you too Suzette. This is a wonderful shop." Damara replied. "I will convey the message to Katrina, she is very proud of her shop."

After chatting some more with Suzette, Mona inquired if Damara liked fish. "Maybe we can have that for dinner?" Damara smiled, "I love fish, that is a great idea." 

They ventured into the Fishmonger of Ben Henry-Lloyd. Of course Ben had to attend the meeting too, so his shop was attended to by Kaitlin Decker. Mona introduced Damara to Kaitlin...

... and while the two got acquainted, Mona had a look at the selection of fish and other seafood.

"I'm sorry for taking you with me into this ghost town." Mona apologised. "I should've remembered the meeting, and now you can't even get a full idea of our wonderful village. It is not really fun to have a look around, in such circumstances." Damara smiled. " Oh no, don't be silly Mona. I've met some very interesting people, which I might never have met otherwise."

Arriving at the Commune, Damara was fortunate to meet another villager. Bobby Roberts and his little boy Hughie.

The little boy noticed them first, "Auntie Mona!", and he ran up to Mona and gave her a tight hug. Mona introduced Damara to Bobby and his little boy.

After a quick chat with Bobby, Damara excused herself. "I will see you later, maybe for a nice cup of tea on the lawn?" Mona smiled, "That is a great idea."

Up in her room, Damara was relieved to have break from all the excitement. She took an apple, dragged her huge travel diary on the bed and wrote down her adventures of the past few days.


  1. Lol... Nelson is just such a character. I first feared he will be angry with Damara when she took the photo. :) I wonder what the meeting is about.

    1. I was contemplating that, and then decided to show his other side. Maybe the Duck is afraid of the Cheetah ;-)

  2. So wonderful to get to enjoy this after a hard morning, great story and that meeting??? What's going on? It was nice to see the shops without the usual staff so to say. Patsy stays true to her self but Nelson reaction was a surprise.

    1. The meeting is not really something out of the ordinary ;-)

  3. It was nice to walk with Damara and Mona (she is so kind! I love her) and visit some of the shops. I also wonder why the village is so quiet today.That meeting must be very important.

    1. Thank you. Yes everyone goes to the meeting everyone to get ideas from each other how to improve business ;-)

  4. I'm home sick with a sore throat, so a good day to catch up with Sugarbush Valley ^^ Nice to a see it with Damaras eyes, thank you.

    1. Oh no that is bad, but now you can travel with Damara