Thursday, 10 April 2014

Family updates!

Over the past few weeks I've gotten some new figures. Some of them have featured in my stories and some haven't. So before adding them to my Villagers page, I want to introduce them here.

Margaret Petite and her daughter Hailey arrived all the way from Candy in the USA (California). They are sold in this set.

Margaret is Postman Pete Petite's wife. The newly weds will settle in Sugarbush Valley and Pete is on a mission to build his bride a house soon, but for now they will reside with the Trunks. (Hailey will make her appearance soon).

Pete will continue to deliver the mail to the residents of Sugarbush Valley, while as a qualified beautician Margaret is thinking of opening a small salon, or like Dorothy Patches provide a personal service to her clients at their homes. Read about their homecoming here!

Another member of the Sylvanian Families Forum, Crandj, had an extra set of Meadows parents, which she was willing to sell to me.

Jack and Maisie have already featured in a Sugarbush Valley story, but a proper introduction might be necessary. Jack has accepted a position on Highfields farm as the Milkman. He was appointed by Hornbull Buttercup to deliver the milk from the dairy. For now Maisie will be a stay at home mom and take care of Noah and Jess, although Roxy Renard has mentioned that she might soon need someone to help her with her cleaning business.

Mack and Mable Periwinkle also recently became residents of Sugarbush Valley. To Kate's dismay her in-laws are, for the moment, occupying the spare room in her house. She hopes this is only a temporary arrangement as Mable might just drive her crazy.

Also allow me to introduce the Woodbrook family to you. They are the vegetable farmers of the valley and though their plot of land is not as big as Highfields farm they are known to supply the villagers and especially the Fresh Produce Market of Bob Blackberry with the freshest produce. Father Andy loves being a vegetable farmer. He is assisted by his wife, Bethanie, who can spend hours watering the crop. They have two children, daughter Abigail and baby boy Marcus.

Then also meet the newest member of Sugarbush Valley, little Jacques Chantilly. With him is father Maurice, sister Jocelyn and proud mother Myriam.

Keep posted for the full bios that will be added soon!


  1. You've got wonderful new families - I'm looking forward to their bios.
    I'm sure they're comfortable with their new homes and supply Sugarbush Valley with new, wonderful stories :)

    1. Thx, they sure are. The Woodbrooks are my current favorites!

  2. I love the Woodbrooks - are they beavers? All of them are adorable though, especially little Jaques!
    Hugs, Aranera :)

    1. Yes they are beavers and a bit different than these ones

  3. Wonderful new addition to your village! The Beaver Family is mighty cute! They remind me of a cartoon as I watched when I was a kid. Really great new finds. Everytime I look at your pictures I have this urge to get my families out of their box to play with them :P

    1. Thx for the wonderful comment. Im glad I could inspire you!