Monday, 19 August 2013

Early Christmas, receiving some parcels!

This is not a regular/normal Sugarbush Valley story, but this was so great and turned a normal boring day in something extraordinary that I just had to share it on my blog.

Enjoy opening the box with me and keep watching the blog for the introduction of each new family.

Then I opened it and ... (gasp)

Goodness me, what can be inside

First of all the Mcburrows mole family in excellent condition. I was surprised by how small the brother and sister was compared to the other children. So so so cute. Even the parents are waaay smaller than the other families. Then I was wondering if the Clearwater voles are so small too? Unsure how old Muddy and Molly will be because of their smallness. Thinking of making the Mcburrows the vegetable farmers of the Village.

Next was the Thistlethorns, also in good condition, except that Chester had no clothes but that will soon be sorted. And not sure if Willow is wearing the correct clothes. They have flat hands and I was surprised that their tails was plasticky, not flocked like the Fieldings and Maces tails. They will probably own the news stand in the village or Chester might start a newspaper.

Next was the skunk siblings and OH MY WORD, how cute are they! They have a permanent smile and oh those tails are so soft. Now to get mom and dad! They will definitely live in a Meadowcroft Cottage and will run the Harvester Restaurant someday.

The Hazelnuts popped out next. Again in immaculate condition and I immediately loved loved loved them, totally cute. I was surprised to see the black tipped tails, very thoughtful and suits them perfectly. I also really like Mona's dress, a bit different from the normal floral dress with white apron. Still unsure how they will fit into the valley. The biggest question is will they do something fun like own the toy wagon or will Sydney maybe be the accountant/architect of the village.

One of my all time favorite families was taken out next. I just love the Honeybears and for a secondhand family again they were in pristine condition. Im so glad I won the baby form the nursery set a week ago on ebay so he/she will soon be joining the family too. The Honeybears will run the watermill bakery and Katy will be the best friend of Nellie Trunk. I was surprised at how similar their dresses are!

The family that took me mostly by surprise was the Huckleberry Hound Dogs. They are so so stunning and the promo pictures dont do them justice at all. Have been expecting them for a while so their bio is sort of sorted out. Hubert Allan will teach the senior class at school in the small JP school building Ive won a while back from Hayley and mother Hatty will be the school inspector for the whole region (i.e Sugarbush valley, Blueberry Hill and Eaglewood). She is also the "busy body" of the village and as her name suggest the "ruler" of the village. Mayor Hugo sometimes think he has no business in Sugarbush. But although nosy, Hatty is loved by everyone.

Then finally, although not necessarily my favorite family, but definitely a very proud addition to my collection the Puddlefords. Again in great great condition for a secondhand family. And also totally cute! Not completely sure what they will do, but time will tell.

Then a few surprises

The Meadows twins

And some bits and pieces I could use in my shops and houses

So that was the one parcel and as if that wasnt enough, I also got the package with the school staff set with:

Maurice Chantilly as the Lollipop man. Maurice will keep this job and will soon be joined by his wife Miriam and two children Jocelyn and Jacques, who is only 11 months apart.

and Dororthy Patches as the lunch lady. Dorothy will soon be opening a hairdresser business with her husband in Sugarbush valley.

And although Im planning a full reunion story soon, I just couldnt resist a picture of baby Kyle with his mother.

I hoped you enjoy this unpacking as much as I did and thanks to my lovely friends from the forum who made these trades possible.


  1. Hi!
    Congratulations for getting the new families! They are all so cute, and I really enjoyed Your descriptions and biography! Maybe Puddleford Mom could be a nursery teacher or leader in a library :) She would sit there with her knitting and say 'hush!' behind her glasses when somebody would be to loud LOL